Parish Profile

Parliamentary Constituency: Kenilworth & Southam
Warwickshire County Council Division: Leek Wootton
Parish: Leek Wootton and Guy’s Cliffe

Description of the Parish
The Parish lies in the triangle formed by Kenilworth, Leamington and Warwick, separated by Green Belt conservation. It is however divided by the main A46 dual carriageway by-passing Kenilworth and Warwick. It is 3 miles from Warwick and 2 miles from Kenilworth.

The Parish includes the village of Leek Wootton and the hamlets of Guy’s Cliffe and Hill Wootton together with Chesford, North Woodloes, Wedgnock and part of Rouncil Lane leading out of Kenilworth.  The nearest railway stations are Warwick (town) and Warwick Parkway.  Birmingham International Airport is 12 miles and Coventry Airport 6 miles.  Access to the M40 is at junction 15 (4½ miles) to the south via the A46.

Parish Electorate
Some 840 names appear on the Register of Electors for 2015/16. The area covers 1,089 hectares and the total population is approx 1,100.

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