CALA Homes submit plans for new homes in Leek Wootton

The following statement has been received from CALA Homes (Midlands) :

CALA Homes (Midlands) has now submitted plans for 83 new homes in Leek Wootton, including 33 affordable homes.

Prior to submitting the planning application, our draft proposals on part of the Warwickshire Police Headquarters, Leek Wootton were shared with the local community. We are aiming to create a new development that is in keeping with the local area and to help future development sit effortlessly alongside its surroundings.

We are also maintaining our commitment to providing 40% affordable homes. With this number available, we are allowing those who need it most the ability to access low-cost homes.

Throughout our public consultation, we have met with a wide range of stakeholders and thank them all for their cooperation during this process. To understand the local view is important to us.

Holding Q&A webinars allowed us to get into the heart of the community and answer any questions they had. By responding to over 50 queries, we hope the community are confident our plans will benefit Leek Wootton.

We remain committed to actively engaging with stakeholders to bring forward the best scheme for the area, and will be working alongside council officers, elected representatives, and the public to do this.

[Please note: At the time of publication, a public consultation letter from Warwick District has not yet been published.  A link will be made available on this website when this is available]