The Planning Inspector – POSTPONEMENT

APP/T3725/W/23/3319752 Planning Appeal on W/22/1877
Land at Warwickshire Police Headquarters, CV35 7QA

The Parish Council has received a notice of postponement from The Planning Inspector, which reads:

“The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) has carefully considered the submissions relating to the request of the appellant dated 26 June 2023, including those made to the Inspector at the CMC.  As set out in the procedure guide, the appeal should not be used as an opportunity to evolve a scheme and if an amended scheme. However, in this case, it is recognised that there is limited time between the date of the Council’s committee and the publication of proofs. As such, it is acknowledged there may be insufficient time for the parties to fully consider and address technical evidence produced to try resolve or reduce the matters in dispute.  Attempting to do so may save Inquiry time and associated expense for all parties.  In the interests of avoiding wasted time and money it is reasonable to postpone in this case. In principle, therefore, PINS will agree to postponing the opening of the Inquiry to a date provisionally in October 2023.”

Robert Wordsworth | Inquiries & Major Casework
The Planning Inspectorate
Wed 28/06/2023 12:45

The email goes on to explain the the Appellant (Warwick District Council), “should submit an anticipated timetable for the work that needs to be undertaken, an indicative start date for the Inquiry and potential sitting days. This should be agreed as far as possible with the main parties.” The Parish Council and Focus Group will therefore continue to liaise with the District Council as necessary.