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The Parish Council received a letter from the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner [OPCC] for Warwickshire on 10 December 2021, informing it that the OPCC had sold ‘the paddock’ and ‘tennis courts’ to CALA Homes (Midlands) Ltd. The Commissioner, Mr Seccombe attended the January 2022 Parish Council meeting to answer questions.

On 15 December the Public Relations Account Manager for CALA Homes also contacted the Parish Council and the Council met with representatives of CALA in January 2022. From 30 January to 11 February 2022 CALA ran an online consultation with the community, including 2 Q&A Webinars. SEE FULL HEADER IMAGE

The Parish Council will use this page to keep residents updated as and when there is further news about the development. See posts below:

LW&GC Parish Council's Consultant's comments on the submitted application

The Parish Council appointed consultants Kirkwells to provide independent advice on the CALA planning application. The Kirkwells report is available to view here:

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LW&GC Parish Council's Consultant's Highways & Transport Representations on Planning Application W/22/0465

The Parish Council appointed consultants TTC to provide independent advice on the Highways & Transport elements of the CALA planning application. The TTC report is available to view here:

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Planning Application W/22/0465 - Deadline for responses to the public consultation

The Parish Council wrote to WDC to request an extension to the deadline for the public consultation, because it is a major application and the 21-day period has included the Easter break.

The PC has been advised today (20/04/2022) by the Planning Officer dealing with this application that there have been some delays in processing the application. The deadline for submissions will be 3 weeks from the posting of notices at the site. These have not been posted yet and are anticipated to be so within the next week or so, effectively securing the extension requested by the PC.

The PC will ask to be advised when the notices have been posted.

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Planning Application: Land at Warwickshire Police Headquarters (Ref. W/22/0465)

Application No: W/22/0465
Description: Erection of 83 dwellings (including affordable housing), access, internal roads and footpaths, car parking, public open space, landscaping, drainage and other associated works and infrastructure.
Address: Land at Warwickshire Police Headquarters, Woodcote Lane, Leek Wootton, Warwick, CV35 7QA

LW&GC Comment: Pending
WDC Decision: Pending

Link to on-line application documents

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CALA Homes submit plans for new homes in Leek Wootton

The following statement has been received from CALA Homes (Midlands) :

CALA Homes (Midlands) has now submitted plans for 83 new homes in Leek Wootton, including 33 affordable homes.

Prior to submitting the planning application, our draft proposals on part of the Warwickshire Police Headquarters, Leek Wootton were shared with the local community. We are aiming to create a new development that is in keeping with the local area and to help future development sit effortlessly alongside its surroundings.

We are also maintaining our commitment to providing 40% affordable homes. With this number available, we are allowing those who need it most the ability to access low-cost homes.

Throughout our public consultation, we have met with a wide range of stakeholders and thank them all for their cooperation during this process. To understand the local view is important to us.

Holding Q&A webinars allowed us to get into the heart of the community and answer any questions they had. By responding to over 50 queries, we hope the community are confident our plans will benefit Leek Wootton.

We remain committed to actively engaging with stakeholders to bring forward the best scheme for the area, and will be working alongside council officers, elected representatives, and the public to do this.

[Please note: At the time of publication, a public consultation letter from Warwick District has not yet been published.  A link will be made available on this website when this is available]

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CALA Development: Parish Council Update (Mar-22)

Following the announcement by the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) of the sale of the Paddock and tennis courts at Woodcote Police HQ to CALA Homes, your Parish Council (PC) has met with the PCC, Philip Seccombe to find out as much detail about the sale as he was prepared to provide.

The PC has also met with representatives of CALA Homes on two occasions to put to them our views on CALA’s proposals for development and how they should comply with WDC’s Local Plan and the Leek Wootton and Guy’s Cliffe Neighbourhood Plan.  In those discussions Councillors have sought clarification of:

  • Plans for the remainder of the site not owned by CALA and future management plans for the areas of woodland, lakes, and open spaces.
  • Details of how the Grade 2 listed building is to be preserved and heritage areas restored as well as plans for the restoration of derelict or unused buildings including removal of unused communications equipment.
  • The details and form of proposed buildings and justification for proposed housing densities significantly greater than those outlined in the Police Draft Master Plan and the PC’s own outline plans submitted as part of the local plan development process.
  • Information on traffic and infrastructure associated with the CALA development in view of the Police decision to remain on site at Woodcote and its implication for both vehicle movements at the Anchor junction and pedestrian traffic on Woodcote Drive and Woodcote Lane.
  • Provision of adequate parking within the development to ensure that there are no negative effects on Woodcote Lane and adjacent areas.

The PC has also met with Planning Officers at WDC, together with our two District Councillors, to make known to those Planners our concerns as set out above.

As a result of all these meetings we are advised that nothing can be formally addressed until CALA Homes submits its application for planning consent, which we understand could be within the next few weeks.

Your Parish Council will continue to keep up pressure on all parties to ensure, as best they are able, that the development of these sites at Woodcote Police HQ is appropriate to the sites, their location and the village of Leek Wootton.

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CALA Homes Q&A Webinar FAQs

The questions and answers from the CALA Homes webinars held on 1 & 3 February 2022 are available to view on the CALA website at:

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Woodcote Development by CALA Homes (Midlands) Ltd (PUBLIC CONSULTATION)

Residents of Leek Wootton will be aware that land at Woodcote (Warwickshire Police HQ) was identified for development in the Warwick District Local Plan (2017) and LW&GC Neighbourhood Plan (2018).

It is now public knowledge that, whilst Warwickshire Police remain in the manor house, the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner has sold the outlying pieces of land to CALA Homes (Midlands) Ltd for development.

CALA Homes is running Public Consultation events as follows:

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Sale of Woodcote (former Police HQ)

With the commencement of formal marketing of the Woodcote (former Police HQ) site, many will be considering the implications for future planning in the village.  The Parish Council policy is well documented in the Neighbourhood Plan, which was formally adopted in the Spring of this year and may be accessed via the following link: LW&GC Neighbourhood Plan

Links to external sites: Link to GVA sale website Link to PCC for Warwickshire website

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