Policy & Strategy Documents


Nearly all emergencies affecting the local community will be dealt with routinely by a joint response from the emergency services, local authorities, health agencies and utility companies. However, in extreme conditions such as snow and flooding, there is a possibility that the emergency services and other agencies may be overwhelmed and not be able to reach us immediately.

The Parish Council's Emergency Plan is currently under review. However, a communication system remains in place since the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can contact the Clerk or Parish Councillors at any time.


Click here to check for flooding alerts in Leek Wootton and surrounding area

Advice is also available from:

Non-weather event highway flooding caused by surface water drains being blocked: Please report to the Clerk or WCC Highways


Advice is available from Warwickshire County Council about:

Please report empty grit bins to the Clerk

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Standing Orders: Amended May-2022

Standing Orders are the guidelines for operating a local council.
The Council approved the following amended Standing Orders at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on 3 May 2022. Standing Orders (May-2022) These Standing Orders now supersede all previous versions.

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General Reserves Policy

The Parish Council adopted the General Reserves Policy at its Annual Parish Council Meeting on 3 May 2022:

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Health & Safety Policy (DRAFT)

The Parish Council will review and adopt this policy at its forthcoming Parish Council meeting:

NOTE: The approval of this policy was delayed due to the catastrophic failure of the Clerk's laptop and partial loss of the Parish Council's records. This will be remedied at the next meeting.

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Equality & Diversity Policy

The Parish Council adopted this policy at its meeting on 5 October 2021.

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Protocol: Communications

The Council adopted the following protocol on 6 July 2021:

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Training & Development Policy

The Parish Council adopted this policy at its meeting on 6 July 2021:

This policy incorporates the previous Training Statement of Intent, adopted in March 2012.

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Parish Council Insurance 2021/22

A copy of the Parish Council's schedule of insurance and Employers’ Liability Certificate and Public Liability Certificate is available here to comply with the relevant legislation:

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Dignity at Work Policy

The Parish Council adopted this policy at its meeting on 4 May 2021:

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Protocol: Death of a Senior Figure

The Council adopted the following protocol on 4 May 2021:

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