Policy & Strategy Documents

Employers' Liability Certificate

A copy of the Parish Council's schedule of insurance and Employers’ Liability Certificate from Inspire, is available here to comply with the relevant legislation:

Leek Wootton and Guys Cliffe Parish Council - Inspire Schedule 2018 Leek Wootton and Guys Cliffe Parish Council - Employers Liability Certificate 2018

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Standing Orders: Amended May-2018

Standing Orders are the guidelines for operating a local council.
The Council approved the following amended Standing Orders at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on 8 May 2018. Standing Orders (May-2018) These Standing Orders now supersede all previous versions.

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Grant-Making Policy

On 14 March 2017 the Parish Council formally adopted its Grant-Making Policy, which establishes a scheme for grants to community groups and organisations, thereby formalising the existing ad-hoc grant-awards process. For further information about the LW&GC Parish Council Grant Fund and how to apply:

Parish Council Business: LW&GC Parish Council Grant Fund

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Community Engagement Strategy

On 14 March 2017 the Parish Council formally adopted its Community Engagement Strategy

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Code of Conduct & Complaints Procedure

Code of Conduct Each local council must adopt and publicise a code of conduct that is in line with the Nolan principles. The code should deal with councillors’ obligations about their conduct including the registration and disclosure of their interests. Complaints about councillors’ conduct are dealt with by Warwick District Council's Standards Committee.

LW&GC PC Code of Conduct (2015)

Parish Councils' Pecuniary Interest Forms

Details of Councillors' Pecuniary Interests can be found on the Warwick District Council website: Parish & Town Councils' Pecuniary Interest Forms Leek Wootton & Guy's Cliffe Parish Council Complaints Procedure

Leek Wootton & Guy's Cliffe PC Complaints Procedure

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Training Strategy

Leek Wootton & Guy’s Cliffe Parish Council is committed to ensuring that Councillors and staff are equipped to carry out the functions for which they are responsible and approved its Training Strategy in March 2012:

Training Strategy

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Parish Plan 2012

The Parish Plan was developed by a Steering Group, formed in November 2009, at the request of the Parish Council, to consult the community and identify the needs and wishes of the residents. The Plan is intended to be a statement of what the Parish does and does not want, identifying a number of ‘Actions’ to be taken forward for the Parish to develop and improve over the next few years or more, using the plan as a reference point. The Parish Plan was completed in March 2012

Parish Plan (Jan 2012)

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Standing Orders & Meeting Protocols

The Parish Council’s Standing Orders include rules of procedure laid down in legislation and additional regulations chosen by your council. Standing orders help the council to operate smoothly and determine, for example:
  • the order of business
  • the length of meetings and the duration of speaking time
  • the schedule of meetings for the year
  • delegation to committees and officers
  • voting requirements
  • procedures for public participation

Leek Wootton & Guy's Cliffe Standing Orders

In addition to the Standing Orders, new Meeting Protocols regarding the right to record, film and broadcast meetings was adopted in January 2015:

Meeting Protocols (Jan-2015)

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Freedom of Information

In line with section 20 of the Freedom of Information Act, a new model publication scheme has been approved by the Information Commissioner. At their October meeting 2008, Leek Wootton & Guy's Cliffe Parish Council resolved to adopt this scheme without modification. This scheme will be valid until further notice. Details of this scheme are available on the Information Commissioner's website www.ico.gov.uk. For full details on how to access the information see the Freedom of Information Schedule. Members of the public can gain access to any relevant documents via this web-site, or by hard copy on contact with the Clerk, (by appointment) 9:00am - 4:00pm weekdays.  Any copies required will be charged as the schedule.

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Financial Regulations

The Council's Financial Regulations govern the conduct of financial management by the Council. The Council is responsible in law for ensuring that its financial management is adequate and effective and that the Council has a sound system of financial control which facilitates the effective exercise of the Council’s functions, including arrangements for the management of risk and for the prevention and detection of fraud and corruption. These Financial Regulations were adopted in September 2003 and updated in 2014 and 2018:

LW&GC PC Financial Regulations

For information on Financial matters, go to:

Council Business: Finance & Transparency

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