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This is a public interactive map showing the locations of amenities in the Parish. You can zoom in and out and move around, click on icons to find out about them. Layers can also be switched on and off from the Layers box.

Posts about Parish Amenities:

Bus Services in Leek Wootton & Guy's Cliffe

In May 2022 the Stagecoach No.16 bus service will be discontinued and is to be replaced by a Demand-Responsive Transport Service.

People living within the West Warwick service area will be able to book minibus transport , via an app or by phone, within the area and to Kenilworth and Warwick, where they can link to other transport services.

We are currently awaiting further details of how the service will work, but it will be similar to systems currently running in Atherstone, Coleshill and Rugby.

Read more at:

Other regular bus services continue and for more information about these and/or school bus services, go to:

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Leek Wootton Defibrillator

Leek Wootton's Defibrillator was funded and installed by Leek Wootton Sports Club. It is located on the exterior west wall of the village hall and is registered on The Circuit (the National defibrillator network managed by the British Heart Foundation). In 2019 the Parish Council committed to take responsibility for the cost of repairs, maintenance and insurance.

In case of an emergency, a member of the public would ring 999 in an emergency to request the code to open the cabinet. The postcode is CV35 7RB. The location on what3words is ///winner.flat.method

More information:

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